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English-Samoan Words


Words are listed alphabetically, by the English words. To find a word, click on the range below that lists the first letter of the word you're looking for.

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These are few words that are derived from English and other non-Samoan words. The list is quite extensive and growing; something that concerns many traditionalists. The exact English words are used in some cases, but I've noticed that attempts are made to Samoanized foreign words as much as possible.

atomic atomika
box pusa
busy pisi
butter pata
cabbage kapisi
carrot kaloki
cement sima
cheese sisi
cigarette sikareti
college kolisi
company kamupani
cook kuka
electricity eletise
governor kovana
knife nefi
lawn mowermoa
lettuce latisi
liter lita
meter mita
muscle maso
music musika
newspaper nusipepa
paper pepa
park paka
peanut pinati
cow povi
radio letio
rocket loketi
rubbish lapisi
shutup salapu
spoon sipunu
telephone telefoni
television televise
wine uaina