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"Ona tali atu ai lea o ia, ua faapea atu, Ua tusia, E le na o mea 'ai e ola ai le tagata, a o afioga uma e tulei mai i le fofoga o le Atua." Mataio 5: 4

"But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." Matthew 5: 4

"E lē falala fua le niu, 'ae falala ona o le matagi."

"The coconut tree doesn't sway on its own, but is swayed by the wind."
"Our ancestors had a spiritual, innate connection to their natural environment and a complex understanding of ecosystems, conservation, biospheres, life cycles, sustainability - ancient concepts that have now become modern buzzwords. It was our indigenous belief that ALL things were connected; the vā fealoa'i extended beyond human interactions. Everything happens for a reason and a purpose, and every action has both a cause and an effect."
"'Ua fetaui lelei fola o le 'alia."

"The deck-planks (fola) of the voyaging canoe ('alia) fit together well."
"The 'alia canoes sailed by our ancestors were a testament to the technological genius of Polynesian maritime science. Expert craftsmen (tufuga fau va'a) cut timber, lashed planks, and shaped immense hulls and decks capable of carrying tons of cargo and hundreds of people across the open sea. This proverb refers to the Sāmoan value of vā fealoa'i (interpersonal relationships): great accomplishments and social harmony are only possible when members of a family, or team, or society "fit" together like the watertight planks of the 'alia."
"'O fānau a manu e fafaga i fugālā'au, 'ae 'o fānau a tagata e fafaga i 'upu."

"The offspring of birds are fed with flower nectar, but the children of men are nurtured with words."
"According to our fa'a-Sāmoa this is the foundational concept of child-rearing and discipline; the guidance and nurturing of the younger generation is the collective responsibility of the entire family, village, and society."
"O le ala i le pule o le tautua."

"The way to authority is through service."
"The concept of tautua includes the notion that in order to lead, one must serve."
"Ia malu le vai i lou finagalo."

"May your mind be like cool water."
"Used to ask an offended person for forgiveness."
"Ua mu le lima, tapa le i'ofi."

"Having foolishly got into trouble he is asking for help."
"Once bitten, twice shy."
"Ua se aga e tasi."

"They all use a one gauge mesh."
"They are all of one mind."
"Ia seu le manu ae silasila i le galu."

"Catch the bird and watch the breakers."
"Take proper precautions."
"Ua sanisani fa'a manu ao."

"Singing like the birds dawn chorus."
"Joy at seeing one's friends."
"E pala ma'a, 'ae lē pala 'upu."

"Even stones erode away, but words will never decay."
"As a society with a rich, ancient oral/aural culture, our tupu'aga ma tua'ā (ancestors and forebears) understood the enduring power of the spoken word, especially the irrevocable damage that insulting words could have on vā fealoa'i (interpersonal relationships)."

"So'o le fau i le fau."

"Join the hibiscus fibre to hibiscus fibre."
"Unity is strength."
"Ua vela le fala."

"The mat is warm."
"Refers to a long meeting."
"O le fuata ma lona lou."

"There is a lou (harvesting pole) for every crop."
"A leader will arise in every emergency."
"Se'i fono le pa'a ma ona vae."

"Let the crab take counsel with its legs."
"Be careful to think things out before taking action."
"Tali i lagi vai o A'opo."

"A'opo waits for water from heavens."
"All blessings comes from above."
"E poto le tautai ae se le atu i ama."

"Even a skilled fisherman entangles the bonito in the outrigger."
"An apology for offending someone."

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